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Spring Savings at MedjoolDates.com!

Combo Organic Date Special available now!

This month, we're offering a very special sale! Our 5 LB Organic Variety Pack includes 1 lb each of Medjools, Dayri, Halawi, Khadrawi, and Zahidi dates, the perfect sampler package to explore the other luscious varieties of dates grown on our ranch.

  • - Zahidi dates are chewy and sweet, but less intense than the other varieties. Zahidis are not sticky or messy, making them an excellent choice for hiking, biking, running, or even to a movie theatre!

  • - Dayri dates are soft and have a dark, slightly sticky skin. They are sweet and earthy, texturally like caramel, tender and chewy, and taste like molasses.

  • - Halawi dates are a semi-dry and chewy date similar in texture to the Zahidi but sweeter with a thick flesh. It is somewhat wrinkled in appearance, golden brown in color, and tastes like caramel.

  • - Khadrawi dates (sometimes called “Khads”), are a medium sweet date and are dark mahogany in color. They taste like maple syrup and contain a little less sugar, making them a more desirable choice for those with sugar sensitivities. (Remember though, all fresh dates contain invert sugars, the best kind of sugars for those with sugar sensitivities!)
  • Order your Organic Variety Pack Today - Price Reduced from $28.25 to $25.25!


    Medjools on Special Right Now!

    5lb Conventional Pitted Medjools
    Normally $36.75 on sale now for $31.95

    5lb Organic Pitted Medjools
    Normally $39.75 on sale now for $35.95

    10lb Conventional Xtra-Fancy Medjools
    Normally $49.95 on sale now for $45.95

    10lb Organic Xtra-Fancy Medjools
    Normally $58.95 on sale now for $53.95

    Call us and ask? We love to help!
    Call 1-800-228-4690, to reach our Customer Care representatives Tammy, Jeremy or Annie, and they'll tell you more about our upcoming sales, and answer any questions you may have. Are you a repeat customer? Ask about our Buyers Club and learn how you can get additonal discounts. Thats our way of saying thank you for being a big part of the MedjoolDates.com family.

    Place your order for your Medjool Dates today – our commitment to quality will be evident when you receive your order!

    What our customers are saying...

    " These are our all time favorite snacks .
    We pit them, stick a walnut and piece of dark chocolate in them !!
    YUMMY We order by the 5 lb box and store in freezer.
    Add them to our oatmeal in the morning , cookies, bars, or just plain, they are amazing, like eating candy"
    - J. from Harbor Springs, MI

    “The best dates EVER !
    I had been getting my dates from my local big box grocery store and they are terrible. I tried 2 different brands and was very disappointed.
    I thought I'd give it another try and I ordered from you guys. I was amazed at the flavor. I hadn't known true date bliss until I tasted your dates.
    My eyes rolled in the back of my head they are so good! Amazingly soft, succulent, sweet, satisfying flavor as soon as it hits your taste buds.
    I am ordering a box every few weeks. Thank you for changing my mind about dates”
    - C. from Erath, LA

    As you know, MedjoolDates.com sells several grades of Medjool Dates – Colossal, Jumbo, Large, Itsy-Bitsy Minis, Xtra-Fancy and Confection. After sorting and packing, we inspect every box to insure that you receive the finest Medjool Dates possible. Our highest, finest grades are Colossal (humongous, gorgeous and limited in quantity!), Jumbo (as gorgeous and juicy as Colossal, just not quite as humongous), Large, then Extra Fancy. Itsy-Bitsy Minis are smaller than Extra Fancy, however they have less skin separation for a slightly higher grade date.

    You'll find them all juicy, fresh, beautiful and delicious. While all naturally grown produce is unique, sometimes a little more discoloration or wrinkling naturally occurs. When this happens and the dates still taste perfectly amazing, we include them in our Confection/Cooking categories, or they're used within our delicious date paste!


    In addition, we pay special attention to how our dates are stored, and we suggest that you do too! Dates keep best when they are sealed well, and frozen. As soon as our dates are hand sorted, they go immediately into the freezer, where they remain until you place your order. Once you order, they're quickly labeled and shipped to insure both freshness and consistent quality.

    Once they arrive at your doorstep, we encourage you to place enough to enjoy for the next week or two in a Ziploc or Tupperware in the refrigerator. Then seal the rest very well and place them directly into the freezer. Keeping dates sealed and frozen ensures that they remain flavorful and fresh for a very long time. (Up to 18 months or longer if they remain frozen.) We know you can taste the difference!

    Place your order today – our commitment to quality will be evident when you receive your order!Contact us if you have any questions or to find out more about what we have to offer!


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